Prep Transition Dates

Starting school is an exciting time! Our aim is to provide Pre-Schoolers with positive school experiences through our transition program.

Our Prep/Foundation Transition Program aims to get children and parents familiar with our school facilities, meet the Prep teachers and experience fun, engaging learning activities that introduce them to the environment and structure of school.

Please contact us to book your child into the transition program


Prep Information

–          St Euphemia College offers your child an incredible journey in their early years of development. The program focuses on building the bridge between home and Kindergarten, where the magic of education and play come hand in hand, taking each student on their very first fun, academic journey.

–          Our team of educators aim to reinforce a positive and happy mindset and attitude to learning, in which all students feel safe, supported and included. The Prep program aims at giving our students the best opportunity to thrive, as they prepare for formal schooling. We appreciate that every child comes to school with their own strengths, interests and prior experiences. As educators, it is our role to embrace these, nurture them and facilitate learning experiences that engage and challenge growing minds.

–          Our classroom is carefully resourced with our youngest learners in mind. The learning space provides an opportunity for students to be inspired and to build upon their curiosity. Students enjoy the opportunity to learn through play-based learning and build upon their social skills.

–          As educators, we recognise that early literacy and numeracy development is vital in preparing our students for formal schooling. We strive to provide rich opportunities to develop their literacy and numeracy skills through structured lessons and play.

–          Prep class provides students a strong foundation and the best opportunity to thrive as they start school. We look forward to welcoming you and your child through our doors.

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