My kids love being students at St Euphemia. They are well supported and love their teachers and friends. It has totally exceeded my expectations.


St Euphemia has a great community feel. All of the parents are supportive, it’s really like a family.


Our children are at school with other children with similar values and morals. St Euphemia is a lovely place to be. I love that it’s a small school and that everyone knows each other.


St Euphemia makes me feel confident that our children are going to leave feeling empowered and confident people.


We looked at several schools in the area and we decided on St Euphemia because of the amazing community, the church and the teaching of Religious Education.



We love that the church is in the middle of the campus. We feel very privileged to have a place of worship at our feet everyday. St Euphemia offers a safe environment where our children are pushed to reach their fullest potential.


 The school is very welcoming, respectful and a good community school.

– parent

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