Principal’s Welcome

Rev Father Mavrommatis – Principal of St Euphemia College

Welcome To Saint Euphemia College

Saint Euphemia College was established under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia in order to provide a Christian Orthodox education to children of the Greek Orthodox faithful in the Bankstown District. In our 31 year history, our College has grown to become one of the higher performing schools in the region. At Saint Euphemia College we are recognised for our inclusivity. Students from many cultural and religious backgrounds are part of the Saint Euphemia family. We have indigenous students; students from Greece and Cyprus; Serbia and Russia; Lebanon, Egypt and Syria; Brazil, China and Vietnam. In fact, students from over 35 backgrounds proudly call Saint Euphemia College their home.

It is an honour to be entrusted to serve as a leader in our school community.  Whether you are already a member of our school community or a family wishing to enrol at Saint Euphemia College, I hope our website helps you to learn more about our wonderful school.

I am excited to announce that in the near future, there will be a systematic expansion and upgrade of facilities. This will allow for the development of new courses. 

At Saint Euphemia College we are about making a real difference to the young people in our care from Prep to Year 12 and beyond. We aim to build a culture of high expectation. We set high expectations and hold students to them in order to maximise their potential.

Teaching and learning at Saint Euphemia College transcends simple academic instruction. It is about nurturing the whole person – academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically. By encouraging our students to be lifelong learners, we seek to help each student achieve their unique potential, to develop their academic skills, their ability to manage themselves and their relationships with others, to value and contribute to others both within and beyond the school community and to recognise the value of each person.

We foster Orthodox Christian virtues, helping our students learn to love Christ and His people and encouraging students to demonstrate Christian love for all. We aim for each child to value compassion, respect, integrity and tolerance.

One of the greatest strengths of Saint Euphemia College is that the student, your child, is at the heart of every decision. Saint Euphemia College is a family and all our wonderful teachers strive to respond to the individual needs of each and every student.

Having a Prep School on site allows for a transition into formal learning for our students and helps families to feel connected with each other, within the entire Saint Euphemia family.  Our vision is to have the children attending the Prep School transition to Saint Euphemia College. 

This offers a seamless transition to school with the children developing a sense of belonging within our school community. Knowing what to expect in the school environment helps children to make a smooth transition and preparing children for this begins well before their first day of school. Success is more likely when key stakeholders work and plan this transition collaboratively.

As a school community we welcome parents to be active partners in their child’s education and we provide opportunities for both volunteering in class and for school events as well as opportunities for us to gather as a whole community.

We invite all families to give their children a gift for life and take up the opportunity to meet with our staff and consider enrolling their children at Saint Euphemia College. Families of other faith traditions and families who share our values as expressed in our Mission and Vision are most welcome to apply for enrolment.

Rev Father Mavrommatis
Principal – Saint Euphemia College

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